Born in a quiet, little corner of Assam(Dhemaji) and brought up in Jorhat, Assam, Shilpika Bordoloi was headed for a life of dance from the start. At the age of three, in 1984, she began her training in the Indian Classical dance form of Manipuri under Guru Rathindra Sinha and later on with Padmashree Darshana Jhaveri. From the circular world of Manipuri she went on to study Indian Classical dance form Bharatanatyam under Padmashree Leela Samson. She has also worked for Spandan from 2003-2004, which is Padmashree Leela Samson's company. Finding herself limited in the classical nuances she went into the world of utmost precision of the Martial Arts. She has a learning experience of Chi-Gong, Martial Arts (Chinese and Korean) including Tai-Ji-Quan under Sensei Rashid Ansari along with Voice and Theatre Movement. She is also trained in playing the Didgeridoo and the Iranian Daf besides holding a master's degree in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi.

Shilpika has choreographed dance pieces, theatre productions and acted in a variety of plays and musicals. In the process, she has evolved as an artist, not bound by convention. She has been continuously moving across a wide spectrum, ranging from classical dance forms, to developing her own unique vocabulary using organic designs to what she calls Physical Theatre.

For her dance and movement are a way of life, wherein the journey of experimentation, discovery, joy and pathos unfolds itself through the emotive medium of the body. And as such she is always eagerly committed and creatively enthused towards working with people of different levels, backgrounds, and ages. Currently she is based out of Assam, travelling down the river and researching on her multi-media project called "Katha yatra", besides working as a visiting Faculty to National School of Drama (NSD), NSD(Theatre-in-Education Wing) and School of Film and Television (SIFT).

As a performer, teacher and choreographer .. her work is based on research of the body where the process of movement is deep and intuitive in creativity. She respects and admires the works of Charlie Chaplin, Jerzy Grotowoski and Pina Bausch. Shilpika loves to paint, be close to nature, watch Cartoons and believes that she is always a student first.
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